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Charlie Nothing
Was not born. Did not die. Does not, did not, will not exist. Charlie Nothing is the Artist.

Charlie Nothing the Artist is a subdivision of Charles Martin Simon The Writer. Some writers have no problem doing art. For example, Henry Miller was somewhat of a painter. Charles Martin Simon, however, could not, can not, will never be able to do art. When his wife the artist died, he inherited her art supplies and so he had to try, but the experience proved futile, painful, and produced a psyche fragmentation, which he, having been reduced to nothing, named Charlie Nothing. For more on the story, read
ISBN 1-892489-01-5
ISBN 1-892489-09-0
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Charlie Nothing could do art fabulously, did and does.

Charlie Nothing creations span a wide range, the pinnacle being the guitar sculptures made out of American Cars called Dingulators. Dingulators are the ultimate rock and roll art, which makes Charlie Nothing the ultimate rock and roll artist. Fitting for a guy who doesn't exist, although, non-existence may very well be a criterion (based on the total life performances of so many characteristic artists of the genre).

Charlie Nothing Instrument Sculptures play with unique sound.

A photo detail of one of Charlie Nothing's Dingulators appears as the back cover art on the very important and very big fine art book by Jake Jacobson,
HEARTS & MINDS, Musical Instrument Makers of America

and also as the cover art on the "The Western Region" section of the book.

Charlie Nothing had many dingalation bands during the 60s, 70s, and 80s. Dingulations ranged from very well received (After one performance in L.A., Charlie Nothing was offered a ton of money to take a tour to Viet Nam with Bob Hope to entertain the troops. He declined, figuring he was more likely to get shot than get the money.) to being spat upon by human beings who could not tolerate the disrespect that Dingulation represented to the Hamster Hierarchy of Respectable Entertainment.

Charlie Nothing has had many art shows in very established galleries which are no longer in existence. One of the first canvases he ever produced was purchased by the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art circa 1963, after being featured in a show called New York Artists. He has performed in many places and times, including an official and very exclusive concert in the Los Angeles Museum of Modern Art. He has written many songs which were anthologized in the "Big Dingulator Song Book," which is unavailable. He composed and produced records and tapes as far back as the late 60s. One of his LPs
"The Psychedelic Saxophone of Charlie Nothing"
was produced and released by Tacoma Records and achieved an infinitesimal degree of infamy in Europe under the category of New Jazz, which, of course, it was not.

Charlie Nothing quit performing in the 1980s, believing he had evolved past the entertaining-monkey-jumping-up-and-down-on-the-stage stage.

Charlie Nothing came back to performing in 2004, realizing he was in fact a monkey jumping up and down.

Charlie Nothing characterizes himself as a Philosopher/Clown.



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